Laurence Hobgood, The pianist talks to David Gallant about how he got started, the instruments he's played and his all-time favourite choice

“The piano keyboard is perhaps the greatest early multi-tasking invention,” explains Laurence Hobgood. “Think about it, all the piano’s predecessors (with the limited exception of the guitar’s antecedents) fit into one of three categories: blown into, strummed/bowed or beaten, and in general were designed to produce only one note at a time. Moreover, the genius of the keyboard is its reflection/embodiment of the musical system up to that point – the seven ‘church’ modes are laid out as logically as possible, admittedly prejudicial in favour of C major.”

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Winter’s Jazz Club Presents REVIEW: The Two of Us: Rhiannon & Laurence Hobgood – Raw Masters At Play

As this listener awaited the dynamic duo to start their set, an employee informed us that the Winter Jazz Club was a “listening room”, and that they wanted to keep it that way. Dimly lit, with four grounding columns flanking the stage, the evening had been set not just for something fantastic, but something intimate and raw, leaving us emotionally spent by the performance close.

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Review: Laurence Hobgood review: On his own terms

Australia isn’t exactly a new destination for Laurence Hobgood. The American pianist
has toured here close to a dozen times, playing in clubs and concert halls, in small-group
settings and with symphony orchestras. What’s new this time is the billing, which
features Hobgood’s own name. For almost two decades, the pianist worked with the
celebrated vocalist Kurt Elling (as Elling’s pianist, musical director and co-producer).

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