It’s not exactly a secret at this point: music -- pretty much all music -- is now available, everywhere, from multiple sources, to pretty much everyone, practically anywhere on the planet.

It’s available legally from a variety of services: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, CD Baby, etc., etc. (It’s worth pointing out that these all constitute “middlemen” -- frequently multiple layers of middlemen, almost always resulting in a depressing loss of control, not to mention decimation of profit, of one’s own work -- or “product” -- for the musician artists who create the work in the first place!)

And it’s often illegally obtainable as well, where even the thousandths of a cent musicians receive per play from, for instance, Spotify, seem substantial compared to . . . nothing!

In the visual art world things are a bit different. Art collectors spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, lithographs, etc. Of course these days anyone can sneak a photo of some famous painting with their phone and “share” it with whoever they want. But viewing a small screenshot of the Mona Lisa isn’t quite the same as standing in the Louvre looking at the real thing, is it?

One of the main, undeniable thrills about acquiring original art works is the ability to enjoy them privately with family and friends of one’s own choosing -- and they have to physically come to your “gallery” to enjoy your collection!

Why should music be any different?

Laurence is now prepared to accept commissions of original musical works for private “collectors”. He is able to combine his skills at composing and arranging with his producer’s experience in the recording studio to offer totally customized, privately held music.

The choices -- and accompanying costs -- span a wide range, from solo piano or jazz trio to larger ensemble configurations such as rhythm section with horns or string quartet, or string quartet with piano -- perhaps adding acoustic bass or guitar, or a vocalist singing original lyrics tailored to your desired theme or occasion.

Imagine a suite for string quartet in three or four movements commissioned for an anniversary or a  spouse’s birthday. Or, or a small chamber orchestra work to celebrate the completion of a long-awaited dream home? Or perhaps a swinging jazz trio -- featuring Laurence and world class bandmates -- playing customized arrangements of your favorite American Songbook selections?

And of course any commission of composed work can include scheduling a live performance of your new musical art.

The possibilities are practically endless. And the creative process can be quite collaborative if you fancy participating; style, instrumentation, lyrics -- all the craft decisions that go into any musical project can be carefully planned and discussed with your input at each stage.

For more information please contact Laurence through the "CONTACT" link on this site.

Header: Laurence with Robert Pinsky, Photo credit Eric Antonio