Trio Tour: Europe and Australia


One of my modest dreams of the last little while has been to take my trio with Jared Schonig and Matt Clohesy on tour; excited to say that this is finally happening this coming week as we head to the UK for five shows and then Paris (see the details here: 

The semi-telepathic vibe we’ve developed over the past few years is a real joy for me; to be able to play the repertoire I’ve developed, most of which is fairly intricate, with musicians of Jared’s and Matt’s caliber — and to have things so relaxed and grooving — is a treat I hope to indulge in more and more as time passes with these two gentlemen. If you have friends in London, Dublin, Manchester (Altrincham), Dorking (south of London) or Paris please urge them to come out — we won’t disappoint.

After Paris I’ll head straight to Australia for more trio touring with some great Aussie musicians (Sam Anning on bass and Danny Fisher on drums.) We’ll be in Brisbane, Hobart (Tasmania), Sydney, Melbourne and Perth (Chris Tarr will play drums in Perth) — and I’ll be teaching along the way with workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and a week at WAAPA in Perth.

It’s such an honor to get to spend a life making music. I’ve made music with many people in many configurations and have always loved the feeling of transporting listeners, however briefly, into some place away from their daily cares. My friend Ernie Watts says, “We actually play for free — we get paid to travel!” Over the next five weeks I know I’ll be reminded of that sentiment — seeing old friends and making new ones makes all those airport hours well worth it!

Sharon ReavesComment