NYC and SF Upcoming Gigs and MORE....

Hey All --

First -- NYC and San Francisco friends, there are some cool shows coming up; in the case of NYC, VERY SOON and FREE, as in this Friday and Saturday (Feb. 9/10, 5-8pm - drop by anytime) at the Metropolitan Museum's Balcony Bar.


Two "incarnations" of the trio will be playing these gigs; Friday I'll be with Ben Rolston (bass) and Stephen Boegehold (drums); Ben and Stephen joined me on my Spring Midwest tour last year -- great young players, new to NYC, who learned all my music for the tour.

Saturday I'll welcome Jared Schonig (drums) and Matt Clohesy (bass); Jared and Matt played beautifully on the just finished full studio recording of my newest project, "tesseterra" (along with the string quartet ETHEL, who have kindly invited me to make occasional appearances at the MET, including this one.) There's no set release date for "tesseterra" as yet (we just recorded it!). 

  Me, Jared and Matt in the recording studio.

Me, Jared and Matt in the recording studio.

Then later this month I'm performing two San Francisco/Bay area duet concerts with the amazing vocal artist, Rhiannon. Saturday, Feb. 24, we'll be at Piedmont Piano in Oakland and Sunday, Feb. 25, we'll be at Dance Palace in Point Reyes. (Click on the venue name for tickets.)

Our collaboration has been blooming over the last couple years and Rhiannon was kind enough to invite me to join her for a week of teaching on her farm in Hawaii last month. We worked intensively with 19 adult student singers (pretty much all pros in their given home locales) for 6/7 hours each day: physical warmups, various approaches to opening up as an improviser, talks about theory and how to apply it to intuitive expression, mindful practice techniques, arranging repertoire -- we covered a lot of ground. 

Laurence+with+Rhiannon 2017.jpeg

Ariane joined me on that trip (who's wife isn't going to join them for a Hawaiian teaching workshop in January?) We had an amazing time; we stayed on Rhiannon's farm on the Big Island and, in addition to the classes, ate delicious, healthy, locally-sourced food every day and gawked at the stars every night -- well, pretty much every night. Rhiannon's farm is on the east/"wet" side of the Big Island and there's a lot of intermittent rain. It's why it's so lush. But lots of sunshine, too. And stars like I've rarely seen.

Hawaii from Studio.jpg

The week included two sold out public concerts; interestingly it was driving back to the farm the morning after playing in Hawi that we experienced the "incorrect" ballistic missile warning. Let's just say that was a unique 35 minutes of life and leave it at that.

Point is Rhiannon is one of the most amazing vocal improvisers I've ever known and it's such a pleasure to meld with her singing! These upcoming two shows will be special.

Looking a bit further down the calendar -- happy to say that the LH Trio with Jared and Matt will be touring in April in the UK and France. I can't tell you how excited I am to get over there with this group! All our recent playing and recording has us dialed in almost telepathically.

Meanwhile I'm still constantly writing; in addition to ongoing writing for my groups, very soon I'll be announcing two new collaborative projects that will record later this year. And I'm determined to get the LH Quintet, featuring (the amazing) Ernie Watts, into the studio as soon as possible -- hopefully this year, too!

And I'll mention that, by way of an "early warning", this Fall I'll play my 30th anniversary weekend at the Green Mill in Chicago! (What?!!)

Much happening, and more to come -- until next time, blessings & Happy 2018!


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